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Annotated Listing of Books
Volume & Year   Annoatated Listing of Books
Vol.XIV No.1
  1. L.G. Gupta, India's Financial Market Institutions
2. R. Cauvery; U.K. Sudha Nayak; M. Girija; Kruparani; Meenakshi, Public Finance
3. Vinayshil Gautam; Surinder K. Batra Organisation Development Systems
4. Sisir Kumar Bhattacharya; Sujit K. Roy, Management Accounting
5. William L. Scott, Markets and Institutions : A Comtemporary Introduction to Financial     Services
6. Katherine L. Jackson, Collaborative Finance
7. Bhavesh M. Patel, Project Management
Vol.XIV No.II 
  1. B.S. Bhatia and G.S. Batra, Management of Financial Services
2. Peter C. Bell, Management Science/Operations Research: A Strategic Perspectives    Computer Applications
3. Francis Cherunilam, Business Environment
4. S. Nandi, International Money & Capital
5. Michael Melvin, International Money & Finance
Vol.XIV No.3
  1. K. K. Sinha, Business Communication
2. Kumar, S. Ramesh, Application Exercises in Marketing Concept
3. Girish Ahuja and Ravi Gupta, Practical Approach to Income Tax, Wealth Tax & Central     Sales Tax
4. Walsh Ciaran, Key Management Ratios, How to analyse, compare and control the figure     that drive company value
5. Tom Lambert, Key Management Solutions
6. Anup K. Singh, Learning to Lead: The Leadership Journey of Middle Managers
7. D.D. Sharma, Quest for World Class excellence through Total Quality    Managementlícations
Vol.XIV No.4 
  1. P.C. Tulsian, Practical Costing
2. P.N. Rao, Manufacturing Technology
3. Asha Kaul, Effective Business Communication
4. B.M. Lall Nigam I.C. Jain, Cost Accounting Principal Practics
5. S.P. Rajagopalan, Programming in C & PC Applications
6. S.N. Maheswari, Financial Mangement
7. V.Sharan, International Financial Mangement
Vol.XV No.1
  1. S. Ramesh.K., Application Exercises in Marketing- The Indian Context
2. Rajendra Pal & T.S. Kora, Essentials of Organisational Communication
3. Prasad. L.M., Organisational Behaiour
4. Francis Cherunilam, Business Marketing
5. Embassy of Argentina, Argentina : Some Indian Perspective IV
6. Suresh T., Viswanathan, The Indian Cyber Law
Vol.XV No.II
  1. B.S. Bhatia and G.S. Batra, Management of Financial Services
2. Peter C. Bell, Management Science/Operations Research: A Strategic Perspective   Computer Applications
3. Francis Cherunilam, Business Environment
4. S. Nandi, International Money & Capital
5. Michael Melvin, International Money & Finance
Vol.XV No.3
  1. Garg, R.K., Project Management and Control
2. Chadha, P.R., Business Law
3. Michael, V.P., Communication & Research for Management
4. Rajagopal, Marketing Management Text and cases
5. Tayal, Rajesh, Company Law Practice
6. Mark, Len Autman & Gordon, Klein, Mark's CPA Review Auditing
7. Singh,N., Problems and Solutions in Project Management and Control
8. Aggarwal, B.M., Mathematics for Business & Economics
9. Sehgal, Ashok, and Sehgal, Deepak , Advanced Accounting: Financial Accounting Vol.1,     and Corporate Accounting Vol. 2
Vol.XV No.4 
  1. Banerjee, R.P., Ethics in Management - Concepts (Western & Indian) & Cases (National &     International)
2. Agarwal, Rakesh V., Systematic Approach to Cost Accounting
3. NAFEN, Entreprenuership Development
4. Pillai, R.S.N., Commercial Correspondence and Office Management
5. Kapoor, V.K., Operations Research Techniques for Management
6. Rather, E.S., Jani, B.M & Rather, J.S., International Marketing
7. Dewan, Bhushan, E-Commerce
Vol.XVI No.1
  1.Khanka, S.S ,Organisational Behaviour
2. Gogna, P.P.S, A TextBook Of Business Law 3.Sugandha,S.& Soundarajan, S., Income Tax Law: Theory & Practice
4. Bhattacharya Sisir K.& Roy ,Surjit K., Management Accounting :Incorporating And Accounting Theory
5. Sahaf, M.A., Management Accounting :Principles and Practice
6. Mukherjee, Neela, World Trade Organisation & India's Trade Policy In Services
7. Ryan,Leo V., Business Students Focus on Ethics
8. Herrin, Alejandron & Thomason, Jane , Health Sector Reforms In Asia
Vol.XVI No.2 
  1.Gupta, C.B., Corporate Planning & Policy
2. Shukla, M.C., Grewal, T.S., & Gupta, M.R., Solutions To Problems In Advanced Accounts Vol. (I)
3. Gogna, P.P.S, A TextBook Of Business Law
4. Atkinson, Rita L.,Atkinson, Richard C., Smith Edward E., Bam, Daryl J., Nolen,Susan, Hilgard's Introduction To Psychology
5. Gopalkrishna, D., Electronic Marketing in 21st Century 6.Vasconcelos, Alvarode De & Seabra, Maria Joao, Portugal: A European Story
7. Pink, M.A. & Thomas, S.E., English Grammar Composition And Effective Business Communication 8.Avadhani, V.A., Treasury Management In India
Vol.XVI No.3
  1.Shukla, M.C., Grewal, T.S., Gupta, S.C. Solution To Problems In Advanced Accounts
2. Gulshan, S.S. & Kapoor, G.K., Economic And Other Legislation
3. Gondhalekar Srinivas, Salunkhe Uday, Productivity Techniques
4. Kapoor, L.M., Elements Of Company Law
5. Singh, B.P. & Chhabra, B.N. Business Organisation And Management
6. Rai Urmila, And Rai S.M., Effective Communication
7. Kapoor, N.D., Elements Of Merchantile Law
8. Gogna P.P.S., A Text Book Of Company Law
Vol.XVI No.4 
  1.Gowda, J. Made; Advanced Cost Accounting
2. Prasad, L.M.; Business Policy: Strategic Management 3.Singh, B.P. & Chhabra T.N.; Organisation Theory And Behaviour
4. Nair, B. Somanathan; Digital Electronics And Logic Design
5. Sharma, Subhash; Management Control Systmes
Vol.XVII No.1
  1.Singh Preeti; Investment Management: Security Analysis And Portfolio Management
2. Tulsian, P.C.; Financial Accounting
3. Day, Laura; Practical Institution For Success
4. Bose, D. Chandra; Principles Of Management And Administration
5. Tripathi, P.C.; Personnel Management & Industrial Relations
6. Tuteja, S.K.; Business Law For Managers
7. Chunawalla, S. A. And Sethia, K.C.; Foundations Of Advertising - Theory & Practice
Vol.XVII No.2 
  1.Bhattacharya,Ashish K.;Financial Accounting for Business Managers
2. Srivastava R.M.,P.N Reddy & H.R Appannaih;Essentials of Business Finance 3.Cherunilam,Francis;Business Environment:Text & Cases 4.Bulchandani,K.R.;Business law
5. Varshney,R.L & Bhattacharya B.;International Marketing Management : An Indian Prespective
6. Sadri,S.,S. Jayashree and M. Ajgaonkar; Geomatry of Hr
7.Stair, Ralhph M. and George W. Reynolds;Principles of information system
8. Gupta, C.B;Organisation and Management
Vol.XVII No.3
1.Balachandran,V.;Indirect Taxation
2. Javeri,Vinod;Global Competitiveness:India Can Do It 3.Shukla,Madhukar;Understanding Organisations:Organisational Theory And Practice In India 4.Jha,S. M;Services Marketing
5. Bhattacharyya,S.K & John Dearden;Costing For Management
6. Khan,M.Y;Indian Financial System
7. Wiraninha,Anushka;On Your Marks...Net...Set...Go!:Surviving In An E-World
8. Dobler,Donald W. & David N Burt;Purchasing And Supply Management:Text & Cases.

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