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Extensive Bibliographies on Different Topics in Finance
Volume Year Bibliography
Vol.I No.1   December 1987 Financial Management
Vol.II No.I  March 1988 Capital Budgeting Decision
Vol.II No.II June 1988 Investment
Vol.II No.IV  December 1988 Management Accounting & Control
Vol.III No.I  March 1989 Security Analysis & Portfolio
Vol.III No.II  June 1989 Financial Accounting
Vol.III No.III  September 1989 General Management
Vol.III No.IV December 1989 Managerial Eonomics
Vol.IV No.I  March 1990 Budgeting and Budgetary Control
Vol.IV No.2. June 1990 Working Capital Management
Vol.IV No.3  September 1990 Financial Statement Analysis
Vol.IV No.4 December 1990 International Finance
Vol.V No.1 March 1991 Indian Financial System
Vol.V No.II  June 1991  Financial Planning
Vol.V No.3 September 1991 Financial Ratios
Vol.V No.4  December 1991 Banking
Vol.VI No,1 March 1992 Public Sector Enterprises
Vol.VI No.2 June 1992 Direct Foreign Investment
Vol.VI No.3 September 1992 Dividend Policy
Vol.VI No.4 December 1992 Cost of Capital
Vol.VII No.I March 1993 Project Management
Vol.VII No.2 June 1993 Human Resource Accounting
Vol.VII No.3 September 1993 Quantitative Techniques for Business Decision & Financial Analysis
Vol.VII No.4 December 1993 Project Appraisal Planning & Control
Vol. VIII No.1 March 1994 Management Information System
Vol. VIII No.2 June 1994 Privatisation
Vol.VIII No.3 September 1994 Deficit Financing
Vol.VIII No. 4 December 1994 Capital Structure
Vol.IX No.1 March 1995 Corporate Tax Management
Vol. IX No.2 June 199 Economic Reforms
Vol.IX No.3 September 1995 Inventory Planning & Control
Vol. IX No.4  December 1995 Financial Markets
Vol.X No.1 March 1996 Financial Institutions & Service
Vol.X No.2 June 199 Foreign Investment
Vol.X No.3 September 1996 Venture Capital
Vol.X No.4 December 1996 Merchant Banking
Vol.XI No.1  March 1997 Asset Pricing
Vol.XI No.2  June 199 DEBT Management
Vol.XI No. 3 September 1997 Capital Market
Vol.XI No. 4  December 1997 Financial Management of MNCs
Vol.XII No.1 March 1998 Financial Management of MNCs
Vol.XII No.2 June 199 Future Options and Derivatives
Vol.XII No.3 September 1998 Financial Series
Vol.XII No.4 December 1998 Business Policy & Corporate Strategy
Vol.XIII No.1 March 1999 Mergers & Acquisitions
Vol.XIII No.2 June 199 Inflation
Vol.XIII No.3 September 1999 Leasing Finance
Vol.XIII No.4 December 1999 Financial Bankruptcy and Failures
Vol.XIV No.1 March 2000 Insurance
Vol.XIV No.II  June 2000  Monetary & Credit Policy
Vol.XIV No.3 September 2000 Health Finance
Vol.XIV No.4  December 2000 Housing Finance
Vol.XV No.1 March 2001 Real Estate Finance
Vol.XV No.II  June 2001  Agriculture Finance
Vol.XV No.3 September 2001 Risk Management
Vol.XV No.4  December 2001 Banking
Vol.XVI No.1 March 2002 Saving, Investments and Taxation
Vol.XVI No.2  June 2002 Financial Disasters and Economic Crisis
Vol.XVI No.3 September 2002 Foreign Exchange
Vol.XVI No.4 December 2002 Economic Value Addition
Vol.XVII No 1 March 2003 Infrastructure Finance
Vol.XVII No.2 June 2003 Financial re-engineering
Vol.XVII No 3 September 2003 IT, MIS & Banking productivity
Vol.XVII No.4 December 2003 Financial Economics
Vol.XVIII No 1 March 2004 Multinational Finance
Vol.XVIII No.2 June 2004 Bank Investment and Fund Management
Vol.XVIII No 3 September 2004 Managment Accounting and Finance
Vol.XVIII No.4 December 2004 Risk and Value Creation
Vol.XIX No 1 March 2005 SME Finance
Vol.XIX No.2 June 2005 Transfer Pricing
Vol.XIX No 3 September 2005 Rural Finance and Development
Vol.XIX No.4 December 2005 Financial Development and Economic Growth
Vol.XX No 1 March 2006 International Trade and Finance
Vol.XX No.2 June 2006 Financial Retirement and Pensions
Vol.XX No 3 September 2006 National competetiveness
Vol.XX No.4 December 2006 Taxation, Tax Policy and Planning
Vol.XXI No 1 March 2007 Financing Socio-Economic Growth
Vol.XXI No.2 June 2007 Global Development Funds
Vol.XXI No 3 September 2007 Emerging Markets
Vol.XXI No.4 December 2007 Micro-Credit Finance
Vol.XXII No 1 March 2008 Initial Public Offering
Vol.XXII No.2 June 2008 Financing NPAs
Vol.XXII No 3 September 2008 Financial Modeling
Vol.XXII No.4 December 2008 Electronic Finance (E-Finance)
Vol.XXIII No 1 March 2009 Public Budgeting and Finance
Vol.XXIII No.2 June 2009 Business Valuation
Vol.XXIII No 3 September 2009 Procurement Finance
Vol.XXIII No.4 December 2009 Hybrid Finance
Vol.XXIV No 1 March 2010 Securitisation
Vol.XXIV No.2 June 2010 Global Financial Integration
Vol.XXIV No 3 September 2010 Risk Analysis
Vol.XXIV No.4 December 2010 Asset Liability Management
Vol.XXV No 1 March 2011 Hedge Financing
Vol.XXV No.2 June 2011 Derivative Accounting
Vol.XXV No 3 September 2011 Environmental Finance
Vol.XXV No.4 December 2011 Education Finance
Vol.XXVI No 1 March 2012 Financial Literacy
Vol.XXVI No.2 June 2012 Islamic Banking & Finance
Vol.XXVI No 3 September 2012 Health Care Finance
Vol.XXVI No.4 December 2012 Monetary Economics
Vol.XXVII No.1 March 2013 CEO Compensation and Firm Performance
Vol.XXVII No.2 June 2013 Capital Budgeting Decisions
Vol.XXVII No 3 September 2013 Financial Inclusion
Vol.XXVII No.4 December 2013 Project Finance
Vol.XXVIII No 1 March 2014 Shadow Banking
Vol.XXVIII No.2 June 2014 Financing Elections
Vol.XXVIII No 3 September 2014 Reserve Currency
Vol.XXVIII No.4 December 2014 Informal Finance & Development
Vol.XXIX No 1 March 2015 Mortgage Financing
Vol.XXIX No.2 June 2015 Private Equity
Vol.XXIX No 3 September 2015
Vol.XXIX No.4 December 2015



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