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List of Abstracts of Doctoral Dissertions
Volume & Year   Abstracts
Vol.II No.I 
March 1988 
  1. Tax Incentives and Management Behaviour
2. Cost & Profitability of Commercial Banks in India
Vol.II No.III 
September 1988

  1. Borrowing in International Market and the non-oil developing countries-Study of the     experience during  the period 1973-82
2. Human Factors Engineering - A Case study of TISCO
Vol.II No.IV 
December 1988
  1. Management of Small-Scale Industries in a Backward     Region (Marathawada)
2. Management of Finance : A Study of Small Industrial     Units in Bellary District
Vol.III No.I 
March 1989

  1. Role of Financial Institutions in the Industrial Development of Haryana with Special     Reference to Haryana Financial Corporation
Vol.III No.II 
June 1989 
  1. The Measurement of The Cost of Capital in Selected Indian Industries
Vol.IV No.I 
March 1990

  1.  An Economic Analysis of Marketing of Cane Jaggery
Vol.IV No.4
December 1990
  1.  Fertilizer Consumption Pattern in India - A Macro & Micro View


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