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Vol.I No.1 
December 1987
  1. Stochastic Goal Programming Model for Capital Budgeting Decisions Under Uncertainty
2. Thinness of Trading in Equity,Markets-Evidence and Procedure for Correction of its Effects     from an Asia-Pacific Market Tax Incentives in India
3. Financial Information System
Vol.II No.I 
March 1988 
  1. Tax Incentives and Investment Behaviour: Empirical Findings A New Look at the Criteria of     Performance Measurement for Business Enterprises in India: A Study of Public Sector     Undertakings
2. Gross Concept: Exercise in Self-Deception
3. Review & Synthesis of Theories on Capital Budgeting Decisions Under Risk and Uncertainty
Vol.II No.II
June 1988
  1. Inter Dependenies between the U.S.and Three Major European Equity Markets
2. A Goal Programming Model for Working Capital Management
3. Solving the Third World Debt Crisis: The Non-Congruence of Prescriptions
4. Review & Synthesis of Theories of Investment Behaviour 
Vol.II No.III 
September 1988
  1. Size, Pattern and Determinants of Savings and Investment
2. Tuition Policy,Exchange Rates and the costs of Foreign Study in the U.K.vs the U.S.
3. Mobilisation of Addition Resources for Indian Education
4. Education Finance: Facts & Fancies
Vol.II No.IV 
December 1988

  1. Rationale for Export Credit and Insuranc and Expriences in India and Several OECD Countries
2. Instability in Taxation Laws on Capital Gains 
3. Government Finances and Zero Based Budgeting 
4. Decision Variables in Zero Based Budgeting : A Survey Research of Indutrial Practices
Vol.III No.I 
March 1989

  1. Duration of Common Stock in Singapore
2. Economics of Tax Incentives
3. An Analysis on the Timeliness of Annual Reports
4. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management : A Review
Vol.III No.II 
June 1989 

  1. Managing Productivity of Corporate Capital New Approach to Measurement
2. Risk Assessment and Accounting Information
3. Tax Incentives in Some Select Economies of the World: Lessons for India
4. Capital Budgeting Decisions : A Fuzzy Programming Model
September 1989
  1. Industry wise patterns of Financing of Fixed Assets by Corporate Sector in India
2. Measures of Human Resource Cost and Value: A Critique
3. Industrial Incentives in Indian Situation: A Study of Rajasthan
4. State Management Information System-A Study of the Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation
December 1989
  1. Resource Crisis and Response in India: Lesson from seventh Plan
2. Corporate Reporting in India: A Historical Perspective
3. Changing Structure of Industrial Finance & Its Impact on Industry
4. Takeover of Companies in India
Vol.IV No.I 
March 1990

  1 .Financing of India Plans
2. Financing of Small Scale Industries in a Notified background Division   
3. Experiments with Public Sector Enterprises
4.Consolidated Income Tax with Agricultural Incomes
Vol.IV No.2.
June 1990

  1. Relationships between Capital Stucture and cost of capital in cooperatives : An Empirical study 
2. A test of the equivalent Risk Class Hypothesis
3. Strucutural Change in Indian exports with reference to various Countries : A Comprative Study 
Vol.IV No.3 
September 1990

  1. Globalisation of finance: Role of Interest and Currency options and Future
2. Proposal for a Modified Expenditure Tax
3. The Auditor and the Concept of Independence: An Empirical Examination
4. The Indian Economy: Assessment & Prospects 255 RBI Report
5. Overview of World Bank Activities in Fiscal 1990
Vol.IV No.4
December 1990

  1. 1992: Problems of Financial Integration and Informational Harmonization
2. A Theory of Tax Modeling for Development
3. Recovery of Crop Loans: A Case Study of Nagari Block in Chittoor District
4. The Economic Scene:A Global Perspective



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