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Annotated Listing of Books
Volume & Year   Annotated Listings of Books
Vol.I No.4 
December 1987
1. Glenn V.Henderson, Gary L Trennepohl and James E.Wert - An Introduction to Financial     Management
2. William G.Droms - Finance and Accounting for Non- Financial Managers
3. S.N.Bidai and P.K.Mitra - Bank Finance for Industry , Working Capital & Term Loans
4. Sweeny H.W.Allen and Rachlen Robert - Handbook of International Financial Management
5. Brock Horace & Palmer Charles - Financial Accounting : Princples and Applications
6. Zeff Stephen A. and Keller Thomas - Financial Accounting Theory : Issues & Conroversies
7. Robert N. Anthony - Teach yourself Essentials of Accounting Software Package.
8. C.H.Gibson, P.A. Frishkoff - Financial Statement Analysis
9. Sylvan D.Schwartzman and R.E.Ball - Elements of Financial Analysis
Vol.II No.I 
March 1988 
1. Agarwal J.D - Capital Budgeting Decision under Risk and Uncertainity
2. Agarwal R.K - Guide to Inter-Corporate Loans, Deposits and Investments
3. Agarwal R.K - Tax Planning under Depriciation and Investment Deposi Account Scheme
4. Agarwal R.K and Agarwal J.D - Profit Planning for Industrial units
5. Agarwal R.K and Agarwal J.D - Tax Planning for Industrial Projects
6. Herrera Felipe, Twenty Five years of Inter - American Development Bank
7. ICICI Portfolio, 1985-86 - Financial Performance of Companies
8. Mdan B.K - The Asian clearing Union : Towards Monetary Co-operation
9. Panchamukhi, V.R, Raipura, Kalyan M.Tandon Rameshwar - Money & Finance : In world     Economic Order
10.Panchamukhi, V.R.Mehta, Rajesh and Tadas G.A, Savings Investment trade in Third world.
11.Prasad L.M, Business Policy and Strategy
12.Seminars on International Monetary Reforms: Issues Facing Developing countries
13.Sengupta Arjun, The functioning of International Monetray System: A critique of the     Perspective of the Industrial countries
14.UNCTAD, Secretariat, South-South Economic Co- Operation - Some Issues in the Field of      trade & Commerce
Vol.II No.II
June 1988
1. Financial Analysis for Decision Making
2. The Indian Economy : Resources Planning Developments & Problems
3. The Management of Business Finance
4. Planning Techniques and Indian Plans
5. Public Sector Accounting
6. Information Systems for Modern Management
7. Taxation
8. Organisational Behaviour : Concepts, Controversies and Applications
9. Management of Company Finance
10.Chosing an Investment Company
11.Business Organisation and Mangement
12.Inventory Control
13.A Critique of the Finance Commission
14.Wheldon's Business Statistics and Statistical Methods
15.Company Finance and its Mangement : Principles, pratice problems and solutions
16.Capital Budgeting Techniques
17.Fundamentals of Financial Management
18.Quanitative Analysis for Business
Vol.II No.III 
December 1988
1. Capital gains Tax
2. Income Tax
3. Business Statistics
4. Mangement Accounting
5. How to Borrow from Financial and Banking Institutions
6. Comaprative Development in India
7. Development of the Research and Information System in the third world - proceedings of     the second RIS conference
Vol.II No.IV 
December 1988

1. Tax Laws
2. New Law on Transfer of shares and debentures
3. Director's Comments on qualification in Ayuditor's Report
Vol.III No.I 
March 1989

1. Charles T. Horngren & A Gorge Foster, Cost Accounting
2. R.K. Agarwal, Guide to Depreciation Allowance, under Income-tax law
3. V.K Saxena & .D Vashist, Advance Cost and Management Accounting text
4. S.N Maheshwari, Management Accounting and Financial Control
5. P.V Kulkarni, Business Finance- Principles and Problems
6. N. DasGupta, Accounting Standard; Indian and International
Vol.III No.II 
June 1989 

1. Guide to investment Deposit Account Scheme
2. Advanced Cost and Mangement Accounting - Problems
3. Human Resource Accounting
4. Guide to Managing Directors and Whole Time Directors
5. Cases in Financial Reporting
6. Introduction to Financial Accounting
7. Essentials of Accounting
September 1989
1. Mangement
2. Finance Training Package
3. Management
4. Financial Reporting
5. Financial Accounting and Reporting an Introduction
6. Financial and Accounting Handbook for Service Industries
7. Corporate Finance : Legal Aspects of Borrowing
December 1989
1. Finance Management for Contractors
2. Financial Accounting
3. Financial Management for Small Business
4. Introduction to Financial Management
5. Analysis of Bank Financial Statements
6. Understanding Economics ( Hindi)
7. Guide to Abridged Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account
8. Personal Management and Industrial Relations
9. Secretarial Practice
Vol.IV No.I 
March 1990

1. Economic Development in India, Acritical Assessment -R.N.Tripathy
2. Elements of Mangement Accounting - I.M.Pandey
3. Financial Accounting - Matulich Serge
4. Introduction to Financial Management
5. Mercantile Law - M.C.Kuchhal
6. Assessment Procedure under Direct Tax Laws - R.K.Agarwal
Vol.IV No.2.
June 1990

1. J.S.Chandan "Management Theory & Prctice"
2. G. Agarwal " Guide to Company Deposits"
3. S.P.Iyengar "Cost Accountng"
4. I.M.Pandey " Financial Management"
5. Mulkh Raj, Peter Nientied "Housing and Income in third world urban development"
6. Jitendra Kudsia"Micro Economic Theory"
Vol.IV No.3 
September 1990

1. Economic Thoery of Human Resources
2. International Transfer o Technology
3. Information India 1988, Globe View
4. Business Computer System
5. Cost Audit and Mangement Audit
6. Power and Duties of Assissing Officers Under Income Tax Authorities
Vol.IV No.4
December 1990

1. Petrodollar & its Impact on the world Economy
2. Abstracts of Students Projects in Management (1983- 1987)
3. Regulation and Development India's Policy Experience of Controls over Industry
4. Guide to Company Statutory Books and Registers
5. New Law on Personal Taxation.


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