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"...It is quite up to the standard...."

R. Sahaya, Professor &Head, Department of Commerce, Bihar University, February 22, 1988

"...the articles are of high quality and the mix of articles, book reviews and listing of other relevant literature reflects an excellent mix of information for your reader. The contents of current periodical is a particularly good idea..."

Raj Aggarwal, Mellen Professor of Finance, John Carroll University, February 23, 1988

"...I found the contents of Journal Finance India Quite useful. If I have already requested my investigation wing to make use of the information contained in some of these articles in their day to day work. I wish this quarterly many many years of very fruitful service to the community..." 

N.P.Bhatt, Office of the Director Journal of Investigation and Registration, New Delhi, April 26, 1988

"...I have read the first issue of the journal with some interest and I must say that if you are able to maintain the high professionalism of this first effort of the journal should be a significant contribution to the financial literature of your country..."

R.A.Anderson, Confederation of Asian & Pacific Accountants, May 4, 1988

"...flipping through the pages, I notice that the publication would be very informative..."

Russi Mody, The Tata Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., April 28, 1989

"...I have received your quarterly journal of Finance India and have found the same very useful..."

Satya Pal, Secretary, Govt. Of India, Ministry of Communications, May 3, 1989 

"...Many thanks for sending to me the copies of your interesting Journal. I wish all the best in your venture..."

Yoginder.K.Alagh, Member, Planning Commission, New Delhi, May 5, 1989

"...I very much appreciate high quality of it's content, mostly academic in nature with lot of backing of the mathematical, statistical and quantitative technique which obviously add to the quality of the aticles published herein..."

M.L.Nandrajog, Secretary General, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi, 13-10-1989 

"...The journal Finance India seems to be quite interesting and informative. I will read the journal with interest..."

Ramkrishna Hegde, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, New Delhi, January 25, 1990

"...It is an excellent publication and I am taking the liberty of keeping the copy for the CAPA Library..." 

Rosario C. Mahahan, Confederation of Asian & Pacific Accountants, Philippines, December 12, 1990

"...It is a very impressive publication and I congratulate to you for a very comprehensive job..."

Kamla Choudhry, Vikram Sarabhai Foundation, February 3, 1993

"...I take the pleasure to note that your contribution to the growth of 'Finance' has been of very outstanding level in this country. I congratulate you for continuously pursuing this task through your institutional activities, especially publication of Finance India..."

Prof. R.S.Dwivedi, Chairman, Deptt. of Management, Kurukshetra University, 28.8.93

"...The contents of the volume seem to be quite topical and interesting..."

Arun Sedwal, Financial Advisor & Chief Accounts Officer, Delhi Electric Supply Undertaking, New Delhi, October 18, 1993

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