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"The Indian Institute of Finance is launching it's quarterly journal, has opened a platform for researchers to participate in studies on various aspects of Finance"

Economic Times, Bombay, February 21, 1988

"A well researched edition, this is a must for every academician as well as layman to get a first hand detailed account of economic related issues in India"

Financial Express, New Delhi, February 28, 1988

"Indian Institute of Finance by starting a research Journal Finance India and bringing out Vol II.No. 1 March issue has provided a major forum, to scholars for intra-disciplinary and interdisciplinary study of various aspects of Finance, Accountancy and related areas...March 1988 issue of the journal edited by Prof J.D.Agarwal together with an exalted Board of Editors from all over the world including MIT, Harvard and Imperial College of Science and Technology, besides several prominent scholars from India, focuses on four major aspects..." 

National Herald, April 20, 1988

"Indian Institute of Finance has released the June 1988 issue of its quarterly Journal of Finance India. The journal is edited by Prof J.D. Agarwal. The Editorial Board includes Franco Modigliani Nobel Laureate of MIT, Robert Merotn (Nobel Laureate)" a

K.L.Handa, Financial Express, August 7, 1988
"...The journal strives to act as a platform for research scholars to present their views on financial subjects. It is forum for discussion and contains dissertations of various academicians... the scholarly and in-depth studies in the  journal will be of interest to economists, research scholars, economic institutions and academicians"

T.S.Vishwanathan, Financial Express, February 19, 1989

"The journal under review contains articles ranging from corporate capital, accounting information, capital budgeting, measurement of the cost of capital to tax incentives on some select economies of the world...The book review section is also impressive..."

K.R.Ravindra, Financial Express, August 27, 1989

"The projection exercises of the Planning Commission required 'urgent scrutiny' as they were not always based on statistical methods, he said in an article in the latest quarterly journal of Indian Institute of Finance"

Indian Express, The Telegraph, The Statesman, February 5, 1990

"There is a need to design and develop a modified expenditure tax (MET) plan which makes for a broad tax plan as well as assuring revenue-neutrality. The following are the extracts from the journal, 'Finance India' brought out by The Indian Institute of Finance"

Financial Express, December 23, 1990

"A recent study by Indian Institute of Finance (IIF) demands a change in the fiscal structure that gives direct taxes an important role in resource mobilization. The study published in the December 1990 'Finance India' brought out by the Institute points out that a progressive system of direct taxation does not necessarily curtail growth of savings and investment"

Financial Express, February 8, 1991

"Financial distress by Merton.H.Miller, excerpts from Nobel Prize Lecture on leverage given by Professor Miller on December 7, 1990, published in the Finance India, March 1991, of the Indian Institute of Finance

Financial Express, May 12, 1991

"...It is a very impressive publication and I congratulate you for a very comprehensive job..."

Kamla Choudhry, Vikram Sarabhai Foundation, February 3, 1993

"The Indian Institute of Finance (IIF) has developed a new model for evaluating capital projects...The new model was developed by two Indian Economists Professor J.AGARWAL of IIF and Mr. C.P.Gupta of Delhi University. The new Model suggests the way of Processing fuzzy information about goals and integrate them in decision making process."

Financial Express, July 29, 1991




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