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Volume & Year   Book Reviews
Vol.I No.1 
December 1987
  1. Ghosh,P.K, Business Policy: Strategic, Planning and     Management
2. Barnard Seligman, Choosing an Investment Company
3. Gupta N.C.Productivity Investment and Import     Substitution in Indian Industries 
4. AR.N.Agarwal, Corporate Investment and Financial     Behavious An Econometric     Analysis 
5. S.P.Parashar,Liquidity Management,Principles & Practices of Managing Cash Flow
Vol.II No.I 
March 1988 
  1. Agarwal,J.D.,Capital Budgeting Decision Under Risk and Uncertainty 
2. Agarwal, R.K.,Guide to Inter-Corporate Loans Deposits and Investment

3. Agarwal,R.K.,Tax Planning Under Depreciation and Investment Deposit Account     Scheme  
4. Banerjee,G and S. Banerjee,Borrowing from Financial Institutions
5. Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Inflation, Corporate Tax Provisions and     Investment in India 
6. MGupta,C.B.,An Introduction to Statistical Methods
7. Mattoo,P.K.,Projects Appraisal:A Third World view Point   
8. Naunihal Singh,Strategy of International Business
9. Panchamukhi,V.R.,Rajesh Mehta, G.A.Tadas, Savings Investment and Trade it the     Third World
Vol.II No.II
June 1988
  1. Adhikari M.,Economic Environment of Business
2. Gautam Banerjee,Law Relating to State Finance Corporation 
3. Curtis J.Blacke, Financial Analysis for Decision Making
4. Arthur J.Keown,David F.Scott.Jr.John D. Martin, J.William Petty Basic Financial     Management 
5. V.R.Panchmukhi, Kalyan M. Raipuria,Rameshwar  Tandon, Money and Finance
6. Rita M. Rodriguez,E.Eugene Carter,International  Financial Management
7. Samuels J.M. and F.M.Wilkes, Management of  Company Finance.
8. R.D.Sharma, Financial Working of Foreign Multi- National Banks in India
9. Edward L.Summers, An Introduction to Accounting for Decision making and Control 
Vol.II No.III 
December 1988
  1. Agarwal Manju, Tax Incentives & Investment    Behaviour
2. Usha S.Kanhere, Managerial Trade Unionism
3. Stanford, Melvin J.,Management Policy
4. M.N.Mishra, Appraisal of Credit Facilities provided by Banking Institutions in Rural     Development
5. RIS, Paul Prebisch & Development Strategy
6. Pradip N.Khandwalla,Fourth Eye

7. R.K.Agarwal,Disclosure in Company Accounts
Vol.III No.I 
March 1989
  1. Frederick Amling, Investment
2. S.Choudhury, Project Management 
3. O.P.Gupta, Stock Market Efficiency and Price Behaviour 
4. D.C.Jain & R.K.Agarwal,New Law on Managerial Remuneration 
Vol.III No.II 
June 1989 
  1. Anthony,Robert M., and Reece,James S., Accounting Principles
2. Arya,P.L.,National Economic Accounting Principles and Applications
Bedi H.L. & V.K.Hardikar, Practical Banking Advances
4. P.C.Jain,Game of Budgeting and Human Behaviour Concept
5. Om Prakash, Ratio Analysis for Management in New Perspective Management     Ratio
September 1989
  1. ICICI Performance of Companies
2. Enclopaedia of Terms 
3. G.S.Lall,Enclopaedia of Banking Terminology
4. World Bank, The World Bank Economic Review
December 1989
  1. Agarwal R.K.,Tax Planning for Different Tax Payers
2. Bhatnagar S.C. & K.V.Ramani,Computers and     Information Management 
3. D.N.Dwivedi,Managerial Economics
4. C.R.Kothari,Quantitative Techneques
5. Mathur,B.P.,Foreign Money in India
6. Sharpe, William F., Investments 
Vol.IV No.I 
March 1990
  1. M.D.Agarwal,Sugan C.Jain,R.L.Gaggar, Studies in    Zero Base Budgeting
2. R.K.Agarwal, Are you a Company Secretary 
3. B.M.Bhatia, Pakistan's Economic Development
4. Patrick Collins, Currency Convertibility: The Return to    Sound Money
5. P.C.Luthar, Effective Management
6. K.Venkatagiri Gowda, Fiscal Revolution in India
Vol.IV No.2.
June 1990
  1. Malati Anagal,International Capital Market & Developing Courntries
2. A.Dasgupta and N.K.Sen Gupta, Government and Business 
3. Bhattacharya, S.K.& Dearden John,Accounting for Management
4. Sehti's Commentary on Banking Regulation Act & Banking in India
5. Hampton John J. Financial Decision Making
6.Neela Mukherjee & A.Mukherjee, India's Foreign Trade by Regions
Vol.IV No.3 
September 1990
  1. A.V.Srinivasan, Japanese Management : The Indian Context
2. M.Radman & M.Halladay,Accounting Information System
3. Anil K. Gupta & Menu Shroff, Rural Banking
4. Jeromekanter, Management Information System
5. Baldev Raj Nayer, The Political Economy of India's Public Sector
6. Manorama Hukku, Deficit Financing and Economic Development in India
7. How to Read a Balance Sheet
Vol.IV No.4
December 1990
  1. Chris Boveird, Introduction to Venture Capital Finance
Asia Pacific Regional Study, Power Plant Maintenance Management Vol.I & II
3. A.B.Kalkundrikar, Regional Rural Banks and Economic Development
4. Donald E, Fischer & Ronald J.Jordan,Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
5. Baldev Raj Nayer, The Political Economy of India's Public Sector
6. Gopal Swaroop, Advances to Small Industries and Small Borrowers(A practical      guide)
7. R.K.Agarwal,Disclosure in Company Accounts

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