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Volume & Year Book Reviews
Vol.XIV No.1
March 2000
1.India U.S. Relationship
2. India U.S. Relationship
3. Budget 2000-2001
4. Railway Budget 2000-01
5. Indian Economy : General Review
6. An Economic Evaluation of Dividend Reinvestment Plans of Large U.S. Corporations
7. Contemporary Issues in Corporate Restructuring in India in the new Millennium
8. Econometric Evidence on the Internationalization of Indian Capital Market
9. Holiday effect in the Indian Stock Market
Vol.XIV No.II 
June 2000 
1. Fundamentals of Financial Management
2. Financial Analysis for bank Lending in Liberalised economy
3. Rural Credit Markets Financial Sector Reforms And the Informal Lenders
4. Human Resource Management
5. Marketing Management
Vol.XIV No.3
September 2000
1. S. Kevin : Portfolio Management
2. Bhavesh M. Patel : Project Management : Strategic Financial Planning
3. A.S. Ramasastri : Quantitative Methods of Financial Assets
4. C. Colins Frank : Quality the ball in your court
5. Eric Von Hippel : The source of innovation
6. P.K. Ghosh : strategy planning and management
7. Alexis Leon and Mathews Leon : Fundamentals of Information Technology
8. A.K. Seth : Internation Financial Management
9. M.Y. Khan & P.K. Jain : Basic financial management
Vol.XIV No.4 
December 2000
1. Cost Accounting
2. Crafting the strategy
3. Organisational theory and Behaviour
4. Corporate Finance
5. Indian Financial System
6. Marketing in Indian Cases and Reading
7. Ms-office in a nutshell
8. Direct Taxes
Vol.XV No.1
March 2001
1. Financial Accounting: A Managerial Perspective
2. R. Narayanswamy Economic Environment of Business
3. M. Adhikarg Direct Taxes (with tax planning)
4. Dinkar Pagare Information Technology and Computer Applications
5. V.K. Kapoor The Indian Economy : Environment and Policy
6. Ishwar C. Dhingra Corporate Tax Planning & Management
Vol.XV No.2
 June 2001 
1.Bhalla, V.K., Investment Management : Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
2. Kumar, Niraj, Marketing Communications : Theory & Practice
3. Mittal, S.N.,Management Accounting and Financial Management
4. Brealey,Richard A,and stewart C. Myers, Principles of Corporate Finance
5. Venugopal, Vasanti; V.N., Raghu, Services Marketing
Vol.XV No.3
September 2001
1. Dhingra, I.C., The Indian Economy, Environment & Policy
2. Rachna Ahuja L.M.Prasad., human resource management
3. Moshal, B.S. & Mahajan , J.P., Gujral, J.S.,Business Organisation & Management
4. Chabbra, T.N., human resource management : Concepts & Issues
5.Lal, Jawahar, Accounting for managers
6. Mathur, S.P., Financial Management in Indian Universities: Recent Trends
7. Avadhani, V.A., Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management
8. Gupta, S.P. & Gupta, Archana, Statistical Methods
Vol.XV No.4 
December 2001
1. Prasad, Lallan & Gulshan, S.S., Management- Principles & Practice
2. Sherlekar, S.A. & Sherlekar, V.S.Global Marketing management
3. United Nations, World Investment Report 2001
4. Gupta, P.K., Corporate Strategic Management
5. Gupta, P.K. , Services Marketing
6. Gupta, P.K. & Manmohan, Operations Research
7. Gupta, R.N., Principles of Management
8. Avadhani V.A. , International Finance
Vol.XVI No.1
March 2002
1.Gulyamov,S.S, Management :The Theory, The Practice And The Arts Of Management
2. Business Policy & Environment
3. Financial Mangement
4. Macroeconomics : Theory & Practice
5. Paul Quantitative Finance
6. Cost Accounting
7. Strategic Financial Management
Vol.XVI No.2 
June 2002
1.Karimov, Islam, On The Threshold Of The Twenty-First Century
2. Indirect Taxation
3. Marketing Of Financial Services
4. Public Finance Theory And Practice
5. International Financial Management
6. A Text Book Of Research Methodology In Social Sciences
7. Independent Uzbekistan
8. Strategic Planning & Business Policy
Vol.XVI No.3
September 2002
1.Martellini Lionel & Priaulet, Philippe, Fixed-Income Securities
2. Financial Management
3. Risk Analysis: Financial Approaches And Mathematical Modesl To Assess Price And Manage Credit Risk
4. Security Analysis And Portfolio Management
5. Public Sector In India : Changing Perspective 6.Investment Principles & Techniques
7. Managerial Economics
8. Management Of Indian Financial Institutions
Vol.XVI No.4 
December 2002
1.Brigham, Eugene F. And Houston, Joel F.; Fundamentals of Financial Management
2. World Investment Report 2002
3. Operational Risk: Measurement And Modelling 4.Accounting For Management
5. Organizational Behaviour
6. Business Poliicy
7. Managerical Economics
8. Principles and Practice of Management

Vol.XVII No.1
March 2003

1.Ramanathan, Ramu; Introductory Econometrics With Applications
2. Poland: International Economic Report
3. Managing Global Issues: Lessons Learned
4. Global Capitalism, Fdi And Competitiveness: The Selected Essays
5. Strategic Management Competitiveness And Globalization
6. South East Asian Economic Affairs 2002

Vol.XVII No.2 
June 2003
1. Ilinski Kirill;Physics Of Finance
2. The Role Of Small & Medium-Scale Manufacturing Industries In Industrial Development : The Experience Of Selected Asian Countries
3. Principles Of Corporate Finance
4. Managerial Economics: Text & Cases
5. Problem & Solution
6. Statistics For Business And Economics
7. The Crisis That Was Not Prevented : Leasons For Argentina, The Imf And Globalisation
8. Commodity Futures And Options
Vol.XVII No.3
September 2003
1.Suzuki,Yoshio;The Japanese Financial System
2. The European Restructuring and Insolvency Guide 2002-2003
3. Corporate Governance : Legal Aspects,Method,Responsibilities
4. New Research in Corporate Finance and Banking 5.Management: A Competency Based Approach 6.Microeconomics
7. Global Marketing Management
8. Financial Accounting












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