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Volume & Year   Book Reviews
Vol.V No.1
  1. K.L.Handa,Expenditure Control & Zero Base Budgeting
2. Prademna B.Rana,Improving Domestic Resource
3. Mobilisation through Financial Development; Bangladesh
4. Venugopal K.Rajuk, Petro Dollar and its impact on the World Economy
5. V.K.Goyal,Cost of Capital,Measurement in Indian Industries
6. R.L.Varshney & K.I.Varshney,Managerial Economics
7. Ghanshyam Shah(Ed.)Capitalist Development Critical Essays
8. Sugam C.Jain & N.D.Mathur,Working Capital Management(Analysis and Cases)
Vol.V No.2 
June 1991
  1. Asian Development Bank, Improving Domestic Resource Mobilization through Financial Development
2. K.N.Nair, Martin Doornbas,Resources, Institutions and Strategies
3. Micheal P.Tedore, Economics for a Developing World
4. Privatisation & Public Enterprises:The Asia-Pacific Experience,(Ed)Geeta Gour
5. Neelamber Hati,Hans Singer,Rameshwar Tandon(Ed).Aid and External Financing, in     the 1990
6. Asian Development Bank:Foreign Trade Barriers & Export Growth
7. Sanjay Sinha, The Development of Indian Silk
Vol.V No.3
September 1991
  1. G.C. da Costa, India's Balance of Payments 393 Malati Anagol
2. A., Advanced Management Accounting
3. Management of Indian Financial Institutions
4. Vijay Paranjpye, High Dams on Narmada, A Holistic Analysis of River Valley Projects
5. B. Sarkar, & Hari Babu, N.P. Chaubey, The Myth of Planned Development
6. Karl Hedderwick, Financial and Economic Analysis of Enterprises
7. Arunabh Dasgupta, Colonel Crompton's India
Vol.V No.4 
  1. Martin, Petty, Keown & Scott, Basic Financial Management
2. Paulson M. Chunkapura, Monetary Policy-Techniques, Efficacy and Significance in     Indian Context
3. Vijay Paranjpya, Evaluting the Tehri Dam: An Extended Cost Benefit Appraisal
4. Mahendra Pratap Singh, Economics of Government Expenditure Growth
5. R. Jaya Prakash Reddy, Problems and Development of Small Scale Industries in India
6. R.K. Agarwal, Deduction of Tax at Source form Interest on Bank
7. Garg V.K. Economic Environment of Business
8. M.C. Gupta, Profitability Analysis: An Empirical Approach
9. Bombay Mercantile Cooperative Bank, 12th Bank Economics Meet 1989, papers and     Proceedings
10.Mahesh C. Purohit, Structure and Administration of Sales Taxation in India
11.R.L. Gupta & M. Radhaswamy, Financial Statements Analysis
Vol.VI No.1
Vol.VI No.2
  1. Asian Development Bank, Improving Domestic Resource Mobilization through     Financial Development Manju Agarwal
2. K.N.Nair, Martin Doornbas,Resources, Institutions and Strategies Sagarika Ghosh
3. Micheal P.Tedore, Economics for a Developing World Manju Agarwal
4. Privatisation & Public Enterprises:The Asia-Pacific Experience,(Ed)Geeta Gour  Manju Agarwal
5. Neelamber Hati,Hans Singer,Rameshwar Tandon(Ed).Aid and External Financing, in     the 1990 252 IIF Research Division
6. Asian Development Bank:Foreign Trade Barriers & Export Growth IIF Research     Division
7. Sanjay Sinha, The Development of Indian Silk
Vol VII No.1 March 1993   1. S.R. Mohnot (Ed.), Privatization-Options and Challenges
2. Manju Agarwal R.C. Sharma, Financial Reporting in Public Enterprises
3. P.K. Ghosh Bibek Debroy (Ed.), Global and Indian Trade Policy Changes
4. C.T. Kurien, The Economy 175 Manju Agarwal
5. Rajas Parchure, Inflation & Accounting Theory
Vol VII No.2 June 1993   1. Gerald P. Madden, Investment Analysis with Value/Screen Plus
2. Burton G. Malkiel, A Random Walk Down Wall Street
3. B.M. Lall Nigam & G.L. Sharma, Cost Analysis and Control
Vol VII No.3 September 1993   1. R.K. Agarwal, How to Increase Your Business Profit
2.A.K. Vijh Alan C. Shapiro, Foundation of Multinational Financial Management
3. l Dhamija, Nand & Sastry, K.S., Finance & Accounting For Managerial competitiveness
4. 723 P.K. Ghosh G.B. Kullarni & Rajesh Parchure, Price Control: An Indian Experience
5. 724 Manju Agarwal Avinash Dixit & Barry Nolebull, Thinking Strategically
6. 729 Sagarika Ghosh I.M. Pandey & Ramesh Bhatt. Cases in Financial Management
7. 730 A.K. Vijh Wendell L. French & Crecil H. Bill, Organization Development
Vol VII No.4 December 1993  

1. R.M. Srivastava, Essentials of Business Finance
2. Manju Agarwal, A.S. Naik, Handbook of Book Keeping
3. Satyabrata Bhuyan Raghu Palat, Shares for Investment and Wealth
4. Rachna Sharma, R.K. Agarwal, Accounting Policies.
5. 991 Azad Singh Chiller VVN   Somayajulu, (Ed.)
6. Industrial Project Planning and Appraisal in Import
7. Output Framework-Case Studies of Indian Industries

Vol VIII No.1 March 1994   1. Manju Agarwal, Economic For Decision Making
2. Khawaja Amjad Saeed, Income Tax Law with Practical Problems
3. J.D. Agarwal & Sagarika Ghosh, Quantitative Techniques for Financial Analysis,
     Vol. I & II
4. R.K. Agarwal, Disclosure of Company Accounts
5. Asian Development Bank, Mobilizing Saving and Rural Finance: The Aid Experience
6. David L. Scott, How to Manage Investment Risks and Return
7. R.M. Srivastava, Indian Financial System: The Changing Scenario
8. S.K. Barua, V. Raghunathan & J.R. Varma, Portfolio Management
9. Surjeet Singh, Rural Credit Issues for The Nineties.
Vol VIII No.2 June 1994   1. Dinesh Chandra, Rural Credit
2. Gupta C.B., Principles of Management for Bankings
3. Nipun S. Mehta, OTC Exchange of India - The Stock Exchange for You and Me
4. Rao D. Prabhakara & Kumar Parvath (Ed.), Accounting For Human Assets: Concepts,     Systems & Practices
5. Khawaja Amjad Saeed, Auditing Principles & Procedures
6. Nawal Haider Naqvi, Development Economics- A New Paradigm
7. Sultan Hafeez Rahaman, Macroeconomic Performance, Stabilization & Adjustment:     The Experience of Bangladesh in 1980's
8. Vinayashil Gautam & Surinder K. Batra, Organization Development System
Vol VIII No.3 September 1994   1. Ennio Prodriguez and Stephany Griffith-Jones, Cross- Conditionality, Banking     Regulation and Third-World DEBT
2. Prasanna Chandra, Finance Sense: An Easy Guide For Non-Finance Executives
3. Agarwal, R.K., Tax Planning For New Projects
4. Shanti Jagannathan, Ec and India In The 1990'S Towards Corporate Synergy
5. K.K. Andley and V.J. Matto, Foreign Exchange Principles & Practice
6. Rajendra Pal and J.S. Korlahalli, Essential of Business Communication
7. R.K. Singh & R.S. Singh, International Monetary System Trends and Issues
8. Utpal K. Banerjee and R.K. Sachdeva, Management Information System: A Framework
Vol VIII No.4 December 1994   1. Michael P. Todaro, Economic Development in The Third World Manju Agarwal
2. L.S. Porwal, Accounting Theory J.D. Agarwal
3. Dave G.L., Emerging Dimensions in a Accounting IIF Research Division
4. B.P. Mathur, Public Enterprises Management Manju Agarwal
5. Suraj B. Gupta, Black Income In India IIF Research Division
6. Dhyani S.N., Management of Environmental Hazards
Sagarika Ghosh
7. K.S. Parikh and R. Sudarshan, Human Development & Structural Adjustment IIF    Research Division
8. Charles Margerison and Dick McCann, Team Management: Practical New Approaches
Vol IX No.1 March 1995   1. J.D. Agarwal Readings in Financial Management
2. D.N. Dwivedi, Readings in Indian Public Finance
3. Kamla Suri,India's Economy, Balance of Payments The Current Crisis
4. Helga, Drummond, Effective Decesion Making: A Practical Guide for Management
5. R.K. Agarwal, Guide to Company Statutory Books and Registers (Under Companies Act,     1956)
6. Batia B.S., Batra G.S., Management of Sick Industries
7. Rao S.L., Economic Reforms and Indian Market
8. S.N. Maheshwari Financial Statement Analysis
9. Seema Vaid, Mutual Fund Operations in India
Vol IX No.2 June 1995  

1. Manju Agarwal, International Finance
2. P.K. Ghosh Pitou Van Dijck & K S Chalpati Roa, Trade Policy & Export Performance of     Industry
3. Manju Agarwal Samuiddin, Mahfoozur Rehman & Hifzur Rehman, Co-operative     Accounting & Auditing
4. Pushpender Singh Raghav Dinkar Pagare, Tax Laws
5. Pushpender Singh Raghav V.K. Saxena & C.D. Vashisht, Cost Accounting Text Book      
6. Sihv Shankar Jha D.N. Dwivedi, Reading in Indian Public Finance
7. Manju Agarwal M.Y. Khan & P.K.Jain, Theory & Problems of Management and Cost     Accounting

Vol IX No.3 September 1995   1. J.D. Agarwal, Working Capital Management 773
2. Manju Agarwal Francis Cherunilam, International Economic 775
3. Manju Agarwal N.P. Srinivsan, C.B. Gupta & V.K. Kapoor, Management Control System     776
4. Veena V.V. Bhanoji Rao, India's Economic Future 777 5. Pushpender Singh Raghav     Farouk Irani, Inside Leasing 779
6. Sihv Shankar Jha Arun Kr. Jian, Management Global Competition
Vol IX No.4 December 1995   1. J.D. Agarwal, Accounting for Financial Analysis
2. B.P. Mathur Lawerence A. Gorden, Management Accounting Concept and Empirical     Evidence
3. J.D. Agarwal, Jerome B. Cohen. Sindey Robins & Allan Young, The Financial Manager     
4. J.D. Agarwal, Uma Dutta Roy Choudhury, National Income Accounting 1063
5. Manju Agarwal I.M. Pandey, Finance: Management Guide for Managing Company     Funds and Profit 1064
6. Shiv Shankar Jha Gene Burton, & Manab Thakur, Management Today Principle &     Practices
7. Veena Raju A. Mukherjee & M. Hanif. Modern Accountancy
8. Shiv Shankar Jha P.K. Gupta & P.B. Sharma, Industrial Management & Management     Economics
Vol XI No.1 March 1997   1. Mutual Funds-Management and Working 137
2. Manju Agarwal Management Accounting: Concepts and Cases 139
3. Pushpender Singh Raghav Economics Reforms in India-A Critique 140
4. Manju Agarwal Identification and Rehabiliation of Industrial Sickness 143
5. Sagarika Ghosh Globalisation of Indian Economy 145
6. Alok Gupta Capital Structure and The Cost of Capital
Vol XI No.2 June 1997   1. Kohn Meir, Financial Institutions and Markets
2. Manju Agarwal Dobler, Donald W., and Burt, David N., Purchasing and Supply     Management-Text and Cases
3. Sagarika Ghosh Lal, Jawahar, Managerial Accounting
4. Pushpender Singh Raghavl Bansal, L.K., Regional Development Banks and     Industrialisation 430
5. Alok Gupta Bajpai, B.L., Making Management Still More Effective
6. Manju Agarwal Rayudu, C.S., Cost Accounting 434
7. Pushpender Singh Raghav Ramakant and Jain, Sugan C., Recent Trends in Foreign     Investment
8. AloK Gupta Brealley, Richard A., and Myers Stewart C., Principles of Corporate     Finance
Vol XI No.3 September 1997   1. Hull John C.: Options, Futures and Other Derivative Securities
2. Manju Agarwal Seetharama L. Narasimhan and Leavey, Dennis W.: Production     Planning and Inventory Control
3. Sagarika Ghosh Lal, Jawahar, Managerial Accounting
4. Pushpender Singh Raghavl Srivatava, R.M.: Financial Management and Policy
5. Pushpender Singh Raghav Bhatia, H.L.: Public Finance
6. Manju Agarwal Kreitner, Robert: Management
7. Sagarika Ghosh Shukla, Mdhukar, Understanding Organisation
8. Sagarika Ghosh Jain. J.K.: Applied Economics
9. Alok Gupta Avadhani, V.A.: Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management
10. Pushpender Singh Raghav Sharma, J.K.: Operation Research: Theory & Application
11. Sagarika Ghosh Gupta, Alok: Impact of Urbanisation on Rural Development
12. Manju Agarwal Machiraju, H.R.: Project Finance
13. Alok Gupta Bagchi, Amiya Kumar: The Evolution of The State Bank of India-Vol.2
Vol XI No.4 December 1997   1. Shome, Parthasarathi: Fiscal Policy, Public Policy and Governance
2. Manju Agarwal, Rathnam, P.V.: Financial Management: Theory, Problems and     Solutions
3. Pushpender Singh Raghav Verma, J.C.: Venture Capital Financing in India
4. Alok Gupta Taxali, R.K.: P.C. Software Made Simple
5. Deepak Bansal Peterson, H., Craig and Lewis, W. CRIS: Management Economic
6. Alok Gupta Shome, Parthasarathi, India: Tax Policy for The Ninth Five Year Plan    (1997- 98 To 2001-02)
Vol XII No.1 March 1998   1. Ramnarayan, S. & Pandey, I.M.: Strategic Management of Public Enterprises in     Developing Countries
2. J.D. Agarwal, Joseph, A. Maciariello and Calvin, J. Kirby: Management Control     Systems, Using Adaptive Systems to Attain Control
3. Manju Agarwal Laudon, Kenneth, C. and Laudon, Jane, P.: Management Information     Systems, Organisation & Technology
4. Sagarika Ghosh Kohok, M.A.: Advanced Financial Management
5. Pushpender Singh Raghav Sharpe, Willam, F.; Alexander, Gorden, J. and Bailey,     Jeffery, V: Investment
6. Apte, P.G.: International Financial Management
7. Barua, Samir, K.; Raghunathan and Verma; Jayant, P.: Portfolio Management
8. Everett, E., Adam Jr. and Ronald, J. EBERT: Production and Operations Management:     Concepts, Models and Behaviour
Vol XII No.2 June 1998   1. E.I.U. : Risk Management Excellence
2. H.R. Machiraju : International Financial Markets and India
3. M.M. Sury : Government Budgeting in India
4. Charles P. Oman; Douglas H. Brooks and Colm Foy : Investing in Asia
5. S.K. Tuteja : Corporate Management Structure In India
6. Ritu Srivastava M.M. Sury : The Indian tax System
7. R.S. Bhatt : Unit Trust of India and Mutual Funds—A Study
8. Ritu Srivastava I.M. Pandey : Finance — A management guide for managing company     funds and profits
9. K. Rajeswara Rao and G. Prasad : Accounting & Finance
Vol XII No.3 September 1998   1. V.A. Avadhani: Indian Capital Market
2. S.M. Inamdar: Cost and Management Accounting
3. H. Sadhak: Mutual Funds in India- Marketing Strategies and Investment Practices
4. P.K. Jain, Josette, Peyrard and Surendra S. Yadav: International Financial     Management
5. P.K. Jain and Manoj Kumar: Comparative Financial Management: Practices of India     and South East Asia- A Study of Selected Private Corporate Enterprises
6. P.K. Jain and Manoj Kumar: Comparative Financial Management, Practices of Asia     and South East Asia, A Study of Select Private Corporate Enterprises
7. Hrishikesh Bhattacharya, Banking Strategy, Credit Appraisal and Lending Decisions - A     Risk Return Framework
8. Parag Diwan: Human Resource Management
9. Muneesh Kumar: Business Information Systems
10. Shri Prakash and Sunita Chowdhary, Expenditure on Education, Theory Models and       Growth
11. R.K. Agarwal: NBFC Deposits
Vol XII No.4 December 1998   1. M.M. Sury: Government Budgeting in India, Indian Tax Institute
2. Sri Prakash Sumitra chowdhury: Expenditure on education theory models & Growth
3. M.L. Bhasin: Accounting & finance for managers- managerial experiences
4. N.K. Agarwal: Cost Accounting Text & Problems
5. Richard Brealey: Principles of corporate finance
6. Nisar Ahmad: Management Accounting
7. Vij Madhu: Financial & management accounting
Vol XIII No.1 March 1999   1. Buckley Adrian: Multinational Finance
2. Richard Pike & Bill Nerle: Corporate Finance & Investment Decisions and Strategies
3. Subhash Sharma: Management Control Systems
4. Prasanna Chandra: Financial Management - Theory & Practice
5. Rehead Kein: Financial Derivatives
6. Dessler Gary: Human Resource Management
7. Luthans Fred: Organisational Behavior
Vol XIII No.2 June 1999   1. S.R. Mohnot: Resurgent Route to a Turbulent Indian Market of India
2. I.M. Pandey: Venture Capital - The Indian Expenditure
3. IIF Research Division India - New Framework for Growth
4. N. Pradip Khandwalla: Organisational Designs for Excellence
5. L.M. Bhole: Financial Institutions and Markets - Structure Growth & Innovations
6. Financing Public Sector Development Expenditure in Selected Countries, An Overview
7. Shiva Ram: Corporate Growth through Mergers & Acquisitions, Response Books
8. King Philip, International Economics and International Economic Policy - A Reader,     Mcgraw Hill International Editions
Vol XIII No.3 September 1999   1. Kaul, Asha, Business Communication
2. Awad, Elias M., Systems Analysis and design
3. Cherunilam, Francis: International Business
4. Williamson, Duncan, Cost & management Accounting
5. Maurice, D. Levi, International Finance
6. Machiraju, H.R., Indian Financial System
7. Pankaj Varshney Chandan, J.s., Organisational behaviour
8. Namita Sahay Dwivedi, D.N., Microeconomic theory
Vol XIII No.4 December 1999   1. R.P. Rustagi, Financial Management: Theory, Concept and Problems
2. Dheeraj Kumar Chaudhary Kulkarni, P.V.; Sathyaprasad, B.G., Financial Management      — A Conceptual view.
3. Pankaj Varshneyl V.A. Avadhani, Marketing of Financial Services and Markets
4. Charu Varmani Rao, M.B., Joint Ventures-International Business with Developing     Countries
5. Bibhu Priyadarshi Singh, S.P., Financial Analysis for bank lending in a liberalised     economy
6. Hina Chisti Ahuja, Girish; Gupta, Ravi, Professional approach to direct taxes: law &     Practice
7. Saxena, Sanjay, A First Course in Computer



















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